Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Coalition Responds to Green Carts Opposition

The New York City Coalition Against Hunger questions the allegations made by President of the Korean-American Small Business Service Center of New York Sung Soo Kim who claimed in a press conference Thursday, that New Yorkers have “plenty of access to produce.” Soo remarked in opposition to the Green Carts bill, joining with other Korean small grocery store owners who are seeking to postpone a vote on the bill and enact further restrictions on Green Cart vendors, including a minimum distance between grocers and Green Carts.

NYCCAH Executive Director Joel Berg responded to this opposition, stating: “Food industry opponents have been basing their opposition on two arguments that diametrically contradict each other: 1) That few people will buy produce from the Green Carts because low-income people are just too ignorant to know their need more produce; and 2) So many low-income people will buy fresh produce from these carts that it will drive existing carts out of business. Logically, both arguments can't possibly be true. The Coalition's work in low-income neighborhoods proves to us that low-income people - who understand poor nutrition contributes to many diseases --desperately want fresh, affordable produce. I would hope the food industry would do more to meet, not dismiss, that need.”

City Council staffers are currently tweaking the Green Carts bill for a possible Wednesday, February 27 vote.

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