Thursday, May 10, 2007

NYC Councilman Takes Food Stamp Challenge

As covered by NY1, the Daily News, and ABC7, New York City Councilman Eric Gioia is taking the Food Stamp Challenge and living for one week on $28.25 for groceries - the average weekly allotment per person in New York City. He will be joined by New York City Coalition Against Hunger Executive Director Joel Berg. They are starting today, Thursday, May 10, and will limit their budgets to $1.30 or below per meal. Councilman Gioia warned, "Often the cheapest food isn't the healthiest." Those taking the challenge hope to raise awareness and increase funding of the Food Stamp Program as Congress sets to consider the new Farm Bill, which delineates the size, scope, and cost of the Food Stamp Program for the next five years. Berg is quoted in the news as saying, ""We know that food stamps used to last three to four weeks. Now they last two to three weeks and then the recipients start showing up at soup kitchens."

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Anonymous said...

Please show me how to make $157 in food stamps last 1 week if I am eating 3 meals a day. Each of my meals is under $5, that is less than $15 a day. Multiplied by 7 is less than $95 a week, by 2 weeks means I spend more $190 on food that I prepare at home. That is $33 more than what I am given as a single person. As a mother of 2 I received $307 plus $60 in WIC for formula. So lets say each month my budget looks like $367, my 2 yr old son and I now spend $10 per meal times 3 equals $30 a day by 7 days is 120 week. My new born spends $6 a day on baby food by 7 equals $35 a week. My total weekly expenditures are $155, which by the end of 2 weeks leaves me with $57 to work with for the next 2 weeks. Dont say not to buy name brands because half the time in my neighborhood the store brand is only cheaper by about $.50. What would you do?