Friday, November 10, 2006

Groundbreaking Mapping Study reveals link between obesity and hunger and lack of Fresh Produce in low-income neighborhoods

In a press release the New York City Coalition Against Hunger announced it has completed a pioneering new study using cutting-edge computer mapping technology to show how low-income neighborhoods in the city lack access to nutritious food in supermarkets, farmers’ markets, and other sources of fresh produce. It demonstrates that, in low-income neighborhoods, fresh produce and nutritious food are harder to access than fattening junk food. The study includes an interactive map of all food sources in New York City from restaurants to retail sites, and raw data for public use. The study was subsequently covered by the NY Daily News, WOR Channel 9 News, the Queens Tribune, Bronx 12 News, and the Gotham Gazette.

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Aliza said...

As a new student of food policy interested primarily in the relationship between food and health disparities, (with food access as a potential component of that), I am excited about this valuable resource and its potential for future work.
-Aliza Wasserman