Thursday, December 22, 2005

NY secures increase in food stamps benefits

The state will soon see higher food stamps benefits, after the US Department of Agriculture agreed to a request by the state to change the federal formula used to determine benefits. Many food stamp recipients, mostly elderly and disabled, will see an increase in their monthly food stamp benefit of about $10.

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Ian Sklar said...

buying healthy food with food stamps

I tried to buy a root vegetable in powdered form with food stamps but was told it was exempted. Yet they accept coffee. People should be allowed reasonable choices including suppliments such as vitamins and wine or beer to nourish themselves. Even if it is 33 percent of your monthly balance that is alloted to it.

People should not be forced to purchase foods that may endanger thier health putting a burden on the public health care system. The govt. is "robbing Peter to pay Paul" or worse!